Lumber River Missionary Baptist Association welcomes you to our community!

Lumber River Missionary Baptist Association

Lumber River Missionary Baptist Association represents a total of thirty eight (38) churches of the Robeson, Columbus and Bladen Counties of North Carolina.

Our newly elected Moderator is Dr. Thurman Bruce Everett. The Lumber River Missionary Baptist Association was organized in Fairmont, North Carolina, in September 1877.

Our Mission Statement: To encourage fellowship among the churches and pastors and to emphasize the need for financial support for Home and Foreign Missions, and Education.


Officers of the Lumber River Baptist Association:

Moderator:  Dr. Thurman Bruce Everett

1-910-619-9358 (cell)

Vice Moderator-at-large:  Rev. Jerome Billups

1st Vice Moderator:  Dr. Martine Spencer

Executive Secretary:   Cheryl L. Shaw

1-910-818-5994 (cell)

Treasurer:  Dr. Sally Jones



A Fellowship of Baptist Churches in Robeson, Columbus and Bladen Counties

  • Lending a helping hand to the churches through counseling, training institutes, seminars and workshops.
  • Providing an Associational Worker to aid in local church organization, growth and development.
  • Supporting the Unified Program of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Promoting Associational-Wide Days: State Missions Day, Foreign Missions Day, Shaw University Day, Central Orphanage Day, Youth Day, and Shaw Divinity School Day.
  • Offering advice to member churches on pastors and church administration.
  • Sponsoring several weeks of training for all Associational pastors and church workers.
  • Providing field missionaries to inform the churches of the Associational activities, to announce conventions and Auxiliaries meeting dates and places, and to urge the support of the churches to the work of the Association.
  • Sponsoring annually an Evangelistic week led by the Ministerial Board, with Associational-wide call to all churches to urge men and women to accept Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.
  • Sponsoring an annual Church Music Workshop to offer suggestions to the churches on the appropriate music for church worship.
  • Sponsoring an annual Vacation Bible School Workshop.
  • Sponsoring an annual Stewardship Conference.
  • Sponsoring an annual Senior Citizens Seminar.
  • Sponsoring an annual Church Buildings and Grounds Conference.
  • Sponsoring an annual Deacons and Church Leaders Conference. 




 Contact Information: 

Lumber River Missionary Baptist Association

P.O. Box 3397

155 Plainview Drive, Lumberton, North Carolina

Phone #: 1-910-739-3999

Fax#: 1-910-739-3399





From the Moderators' Desk

Greetings to each of you my fellow labors in Christ Jesus,

      Since our installation into office much has been accomplished thanks to our outstanding staff and the support of so many of you.  God is truly good to us in so many wonderful ways.  I thank him for all He has done, is doing and will do.  

     Honoring God through Unity, Purpose and Strength binds us together on one accord, for all to see that CHRIST lives in us.  I am pleased to announce that we are sending our first check to General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, in support of the objectives.  Thanks to all the churches for making this possible, without you it would not be.  Thanks! May God keep each of you strong, focused, vigilant and committed to Christ Jesus.

Love, Peace and Prayers,

Dr. Thurman B. Everett, Moderator

Lumber River Baptist Association

Moderator's Note




 Executive Secretary: Cheryl L. Shaw


Building Sexton:

Bro. Jethro Gilchrist




*Please contact Pastor Singletary, Bro. Jethro Gilchrist or Sister Cheryl Shaw(Executive Secretary) for availability or use of the building and for information concerning the opening and closing of the building.

Concerns: Upcoming Events 

 Prayer List:

  • We ask that all churches continue to pray for our President Barack Obama.
  • Let us please pray for our Pastors, churches and members, we are living in a critical time and our people need to be saved. Pray especially for our churches that are without Pastors, for the word says, "How can they hear without a preacher".
  • Any prayer requests you would like posted to the webpage please submit them to the Executive Secretary.

All churches please submit to Executive Secretary a list of Ministers in your charge. Please include name, address, and a working contact number.

All Auxilliary Presidents/Treasurers please turn in your monies to the central treasury. These monies will be assigned under your ministry heading and distributed per your request, if you have funds available.








Please continue to pray for our Moderator, Dr. Thurman B. Everett, as he continues to recover at home from a recent illness. Many thanks for your prayers, visits and concerns. Special thanks to Rev. Jerome Billups and Dr. Martine Spencer for standing in his stead where needed.

There will be a Ministerial Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016 @ 4 pm. Ministerial candidates will have the Catechism Phase of their Ordination process. All Pastors and Ministers are invited to attend.

Oak Grove Baptist Church will host the 2nd Annual Women's conference on Saturday, Feb. 27th 2016.

From: Board Directors of the Lumber River Housing Development, Incorporated -- (A North Carolina non-profit public benefit corporation, recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.) The following letter was mailed to each of the 41 churches on December 9, 2015.

The Lumber River Housing Development (LRHD), Inc. Board of Directors is preparing a data base of small businesses and contractors for Parkview Terrace Apartments (PTA) procurement process.

This inquiry is provided by LRHD, Inc. requesting information from the 41 churches within Lumber River Baptist Association of any member(s) within your congregation whom has small businesses and/or contractors that would like to provide services. These individuals will need to have workman’s compensation, and general liability insurance, when required.

When work has to be procured at Parkview Terrace Apts., the qualified business/contractor will be contacted in order received and availability.   Using a “rotating” contact system, some job categories are as follows, but not limited to:

·        Cleaning

·        Electrical

·        Exterminating

·        Plumbing

·        Grounds

·        Garbage

·        Minor Repairs

·        Heating & A/C

·        Painting

·        Roofing

To register, email “Proprietor(s) Name”; “Church Affiliation”; “Business Name” and “Job Category” to this email using the  Subject Title: PTA Procurement Process. 

A “Vendor Information” form will be emailed to you at our earliest convenience.  To complete registration, please return “Vendor Info” form to Ms. Verondia R. Tyndall, Property Manager at:                             

Parkview Terrace Apartments

1000 Parkview Drive;

Lumberton, NC   28359;

Phone: 910-738-9684 or Fax# 910-738-1200

Please make copies of this correspondence available for your congregation.

Thank You,

Ms. Cynthia Wright-Richard – Secretary/Treasurer

...Take the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit,

Which is the Word of God.... And Pray in the Spirit on all Occasions...

Ephesians 6:17-18

The 2016 One-Day Session of the Congress of Christian Education of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc. will meet on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte. Ms. Janifer S. Campbell is President of the Congress and Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr., is the host pastor. Over 1,200 persons are expected to attend the One-Day Session.

Registration for the One-Day Session will begin at 7:30 a.m. at Friendship. Individual registration is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for youth. Churches and associations are reminded of their $400.00 annual assessment for each fiscal year to support the work of the Congress of Christian Education. Churches and associations may pay the annual assessment in full on February 13, 2016 or in two installments -- $200.00 in February and $200.00 by August 31, 2016.

According to the Congress Dean, Dr. Jamale Johnson, the classes that will be offered are categorized in nine divisions as follows:

Division I Ministerial

How to Preach Without Notes

The Spiritual Life of the Preacher

Staffing Your Church

The Role of the Associate Minister

Women in Ministry

Pulpit and Ministerial Etiquette

Division II Leadership Development

The Deacons Family Ministry

The Deacon and Pastor Relationship

The Role of the Deaconess

The Role of the Church Trustee

Conflict Management Within the Church

Division II Leadership Development (continued)

The Ministers’ Wives

Leading a Small Group Ministry

Engaging Worshippers by Embracing Technology

Caring for People God's Way

The Lost Art of Disciple-Making

New and Improved Finance Technology for Small and

Mid-Size Church

The Church Administrator

Division III The Sunday School Ministry

12 Leadership Skills Needed for the Sunday School


Facing the Challenge of the 21st Century SS

Help I Am a SS Teacher

Division IV Evangelism and Mission

Everyday Evangelism

Igniting the Passion of Your People for Missions

Ready: Ministering to Those in Crisis

Division V Biblical & General Studies

The Masterlife Curriculum

The Mind of Christ

Baptist History

Single Women in Ministry

Women’s Ministry in the Church

Men’s Ministry in the Church

Prayer and Fasting

Marriage and Finance

The Black Presence in the Bible

How to Be Certified As A Counselor

Division VI: Teacher Training and Development

Job Descriptions in the Local

How to Study the Bible

Overview of Christian Education

Teaching Youth

Teaching Children

Teaching Children with Fun Ideas

Vacation Bible School

Blended Generations

Division VII Youth and Young Adult Ministry

You Lost Me: Why Young Adults are Leaving

Church, Part 2

Reaching the African-American Male

Oratorical Contest

21st Century Youth Ministry

Division VIII Music Ministry and the Arts

Praise Dance Ministry

How To Be A Worship Leader

Music and Fine Arts Ministry

How To Plan Worship

Different Genres of Music in the Worship Service

The Fine Arts Ministry

Division IX Youth Division

Age appropriate classes will be offered for

children and youth. Storytelling, Ministering

through Puppets, Self Esteem Building and other

hands-on features will also be offered for children

and youth.

Additionally, “Early Bird” classes will be offered from 8:30 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. The Opening

Session will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the main sanctuary. Save February 13, 2016 on your calendar and start making plans to be a part of this great worshipful and educational experience!


















All churches that would like your announcements posted to the webpage please submit them to the Executive Secretary 

P. O. Box 3397
155 Plainview Drive
Lumberton, North Carolina 28359
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